Hilda Gurdian

Hilda Gurdian is Publisher and CEO of La Noticia, Inc., a multi-million dollar company based in Charlotte, North Carolina. She has more than thirty years of experience in the publishing and communication industries.

She has received many awards for her leadership role in the community, including being named “One of the 50 Most Powerful People in Charlotte” by Charlotte Magazine. She is also a Certified Living Your Strength Coach. One of her strongest talents in The Clifton StrengthsFinder is “Developer.” She loves to help others become the best they can be, and she sees the potential in people that sometimes they, themselves, do not see. Hilda cherishes the opportunity to help them discover their talents and find their own path to success.

Hilda immigrated to the United States twenty-three years ago from Caracas, Venezuela with dreams of achieving success. She realized her dreams and now would like to share her success secrets. She believes that if she could become successful after overcoming language and cultural barriers, anyone can too.

Hilda was raised in Venezuela and learned the fundamentals of the publishing industry by working at her family’s newspaper business. She studied English, business, and communications in college in England, where she lived for five years.

She and her family are faithful members of Saint Gabriel Catholic Church. She loves Charlotte and tells her friends and neighbors that moving here was the best decision she and her family ever made. “We came to the right place at the right time,” she says.

Hilda attributes her success to being blessed with the best mentors, who supported her with sound advice and opened doors of opportunity. Her sheer determination and perseverance, excellent work ethic, strong faith, and the love and support of her husband and sons have all been instrumental in her success. Her principles and practices are detailed in her book, Discover Your Path to Success: 12 Principles That Will Take You Wherever You Want to Go in Business and in Life.


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About La Noticia, Inc.

La Noticia, Inc. is a family-owned business, owned by Hilda, her husband, and her two sons. La Noticia publishes four Spanish-language newspapers that serve more than 300,000 readers in North Carolina. La Noticia, The Spanish-Language Newspaper has been recognized by the National Association of Hispanic Publications as the “Outstanding Spanish-Language Newspaper in the Country.”

La Noticia also organizes several annual events throughout North Carolina, including the Latin American Excelente Awards, the Latino-American Women’s Conference, and The Latino Career Fair. It serves the state’s growing Latino population through a variety of products and services and is the best vehicle to connect clients with readers.