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La Noticia launches Discover Your Path to Success: 12 Principles That Will Take You Wherever You Want to Go in Business and Life, a book to help readers find their path to success.

La Noticia launches Discover Your Path to Success: 12 Principles That Will Take You Wherever You Want to Go in Business and Life, a book to help readers find their path to success.
Charlotte, NC— Discover Your Path to Success provides readers with practical skills and strategies that will help them achieve financial independence, success in business, stronger faith, improved personal and professional relationships, and better health. It will teach them how to realize all of their dreams, increase their self-confidence, and find happiness.

Discover Your Path to Success will be published in English and Spanish print versions, as well as in e-book format and audiobook.

“I am confident that if readers apply the principles I outline here, they will be prepared to achieve their goals in business and in their personal lives,” says author Hilda H. Gurdian, who is also publisher and CEO of La Noticia, Inc.

Hilda has achieved her dreams by following these principles, and she wants to share her story to help readers find their own path to success, however they define it. “Success looks different for each of us. It may include being able to afford a certain lifestyle for yourself and your family, or becoming a spiritual leader and inspiring your congregation every week. It could mean being a successful parent and having the opportunity to raise healthy and happy children. Or your definition of success might be all of the above,” Hilda says. “You have many God-given talents. Use this book as a guide to help you discover them on your own path to success.”

Words of Praise for Discover Your Path to Success:

“Hilda Gurdian has done a wonderful job describing the essential behaviors and attitudes required for success in life and business—characteristics that have led to her considerable achievements as an entrepreneur and a person. We are fortunate that she has chosen to share those insights. Discover Your Path to Success is packed with practical, straightforward advice and instruction that anyone seeking the secrets of a productive and fulfilling life will find essential.”

Mark Ethridge

Pulitzer-Prize winning journalist and author

“This is a refreshing, firsthand account of how to navigate a successful career and a meaningful life. Hilda Gurdian epitomizes the entrepreneurial spirit and her advice is valuable to anyone who wants success. My advice is to read her book.”

Dr. Tony Zeiss


Central Piedmont Community College


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About La Noticia, The Spanish-Language Newspaper:

La Noticia, The Spanish-Language Newspaper, is the largest Spanish-language newspaper in North Carolina. It serves more than 300,000 readers across the state with four papers: La Noticia Charlotte, La Noticia Raleigh, La Noticia Greensboro, and La Noticia Asheville. La Noticia earned national recognition in 2014 and 2015 when it was awarded “Outstanding Spanish Language Newspaper” by the National Association of Hispanic Publications.

La Noticia organizes several annual events throughout North Carolina, including the Latin American Excelente Awards, the Latino-American Women’s Conference, and The Latino Career Fair. It serves the state’s growing Latino population through a variety of products and services and is the best vehicle to connect clients with readers.

La Noticia gives back to the community by providing scholarships to outstanding Latino students with the grades and desire to attend college but without the financial resources to do so.

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